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The Detail View displays all fields available for capturing data related to the currently selected record. Double-clicking on a record on the list view grid will direct you to the detail view of that particular record.

1. Tabbed Layout

Some detail views are arranged into a tabbed layout to optimise the layout of all the available fields.

2. Detail View Nested Grids

In certain instances, it is necessary to capture multiple records of a specific field against the Detail View. In this case, you will find a grid embedded in the Detail View, allowing you capture multiple lines. For example, on the customer record detail view, there is a nested grid for Phone Numbers, allowing you to capture unlimited contact numbers for a particular customer.

3. Field Types 

  • Text
    Single-line text box.

  • Note
    Multi-line text box.

  • Number
    Specifies whole number.

  • Decimal
    Number field that allows decimal values.

  • Checkbox
    A checkbox field to allocate either a True or False value.

  • Date
    A field with a built-in calendar dropdown to specify a date and time.

  • Lookup
    A dropdown list with pre-defined values.

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