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The Fields page allows you to create or delete fields, and customize individual fields using the built-in property grid.

1. Field List

This list displays the available data source fields. The Field List can be hidden/shown by clicking the  button. The bold items indicate that the Pivot Grid Control has no field bound to this data source field. You can double click or drag items to the PivotGrid Fields to create fields bound to the data source field.

2. PivotGrid Fields

This list displays the Pivot Grid Control fields contained within the PivotGridControl.Fields collection. The settings of the currently selected field can be accessed and changed via the property grid. Note that you can customize the settings for multiple fields simultaneously. Hold down the SHIFT or CTRL key while clicking field names to select multiple fields.

3. Button Pane

This pane displays the buttons that are used to manage the fields collection.

Creates a new field and adds it to the collection.
creates a new field and adds it at the currently selected position.
Removes the selected field from the collection.
Creates fields for all fields in the bound data source. Any existing fields are deleted first. New fields are created in the same order as the bound fields appear in the data source.

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