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Working with the All Tasks Grid

The All Tasks grid shows every single task in the system. With the functionality of a standard grid layout, the All Tasks grid is ideal for analysing the activities going on in your business, as in the example below.

The All Tasks grid has the following functionality:

  • Column Choosing
  • Filtering
  • Grouping
  • Sorting
  • Searching
  • Summarising

See Working with List View Grid overview for more information.


This example will demonstrate how to use the All Tasks grid to quickly identify all tasks that are due today, by employee, by projects that your teams are currently working on.

Add Additional Columns

Add the columns to the grid that we need for grouping and filtering the data.

1. Right-click on a column header and select the Column Chooser.

2. Using the column customisation tools, search for Team Activity and Due Date fields.

3. Add the Team Activity and Due Date fields as columns on the grid by double-clicking on the field or click, drag and drop the field onto grid.

Apply Data Filters

Filter the grid to only display the necessary data and records.

  • Show outstanding tasks only. On the main toolbar, open the Task Filter drop down and select Outstanding Tasks.

  • Set the due date to today. Right-click on a column header and select Filter Editor. Set the first condition to [Due Date] Is today. Click 'Apply'.

  • Select the team activities you want to monitor. Hover over the Team Activity column and select the filter icon that appears and select the team activities you want to view.

Apply Grouping

  • Right-click on a the Assigned To column header and select 'Show Group By This Column'. 
  • Or drag the Assigned To column into the group panel. Groups tasks by the person they were assigned to.

Set Group Summary

1. Right-click on the Assigned To box on the group panel and select Group Summary Editor.

2. In the dialogue box set the Count Checkbox value to true.

Set Total Summary

  • Right-click on the summary panel situated at the bottom of the grid and select 'Count'.

End Result

By utilising the basic features of the all task grid such as column choosing, grouping, filtering and summarising, you can easily analyse the outstanding tasks in your business.

All Tasks Grid displaying tasks that are due today, by employee for a project that your team is currently working on.

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