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Setup Production Parameters

The production parameters are used to define the settings that will be applied when processing a production ticket.

Each production ticket will have a parameter automatically applied to it. The parameter which is applied is selected by comparing the nature of the production ticket to the settings defined in the Parameter Hierarchy.

1. Parameter Hierarchy

To determine which production parameter to apply to a production ticket, Paradigm checks the fields defined in the Parameter Hierarchy on all of the production parameters, from the bottom to the top.

The first hierarchy field which complies with the production ticket will result in that particular production parameter being selected.

Example 1

If you wanted to have the same production parameter settings applied to every production ticket across your company, then create one production parameter and only complete the company field in the Parameter Hierarchy.

Always link new production tickets to this company to apply the production parameter.

Example 2

You may want to have different production parameter settings applied to production tickets depending on whether Production Line 01 or Production Line 02 is manufacturing the production ticket. Create two production parameters and complete the company field and the production line field in the Parameter Hierarchy.

Paradigm will apply the correct production parameter depending on the production line that is specified on the production ticket.

2. Parameter Settings

The parameter settings include the following fields which impact the processing of the production ticket:

General Settings

  • Production Supplier
  • Recovery GL Account
  • FG Reconcile Segment

Work In Progress and Warehouse Settings

  • WIP GL Account
  • WIP Inventory Account
  • WIP Service Item
  • By Product Warehouse
  • WIP Warehouse

Damage and Waste Settings

  • Waste Inventory
  • Damage Inventory
  • Consumable Waste Description

Batch Tracking Settings

  • Auto Generate Batch Number
  • Batch Expire in Days
  • Stored Procedure

3. Linked Production Tickets

This grid displays all of the production tickets that the production parameter has been applied to.

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