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Setup Production Templates (BOM)

Paradigm production templates are the bill of materials or recipes for the finished good items that you manufacture.

Complete the following steps to create a production template:

1. Navigate to Production/Maintenance/Conversion Templates.

2. Press the Add New Button on the Main Toolbar.

3. On the Top Grid Provide a Name for the Production Template and Select the Inventory Item for the Finished Goods.

4. Setting the Auto Issues Field to True will Automatically Allocate the Quantities Specified on the Production Template onto the Production Ticket -This Will Happen for all Inventory Items that are not Configured to be Reconciled on the Production Ticket.

5. On the Production Template Items Grid Define all the Inventory Items used to anufacture on of the Finished Goods Items and Specify the Following Fields:

  • Specify the unit of measure in which the item is issued into production.
  • Specify the quantity required of the item in the production of a single finished good.
  • Specify the wastage factor % that occurs during production.

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