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On the Work In Progress Output tab you specify the finished goods to be manufactured in this production run.

You can specify multiple sizes of the same product to be manufactured on a single production ticket. In the following example, we'll manufacture tins of paint in 3 different sizes.

1. Navigate to the Work in Progress Output Tab.

2. Specify the Finished Goods/Inventory Items to be Manufactured.

3. Specify the Quantities to be Manufactured.

4. Specify the Production Line to Manufacture each Item.

5. Specify the Warehouse where the Finished Goods are going to be stored.

6. The Unit of Measure Field Displayed on the Grid Show the Selected Inventory Items Storage Unit of Measure.

7. The Manufactured Item Cost Field is Specified on the Selected Inventory Item to Calculate Total Throughput.

8. Select the Recalculate Production Ticket Button on the Main Toolbar.

9. The Work in Progress Output Lines will be Calculated by taking the Current Average Costs from Sage Evolution and Multiplying out the Lines on the Production Template to Determine the Unit Cost of the Finished Goods specified on the Production Ticket.

10. Navigate to the Work in Progress Input Tab. All of the Lines Items Specified on the Production Templates (BOM) for each of the Finished Goods will have Pulled Through and Calculated the Quantities Required to Manufacture the Finished Goods.

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