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1. Select Document Status.  On the right you will see the current available status per document type. Example: Quotations.

2. To create new status, select in top left hand corner or CTRL + N.

3. Name the new status. Example: Pending

4. Select a document type.  Use the applicable company if multiple. 

5. Add the available filter.  If there are multiple, they must be separated with a semi-colon and with no spaces.

The available filter will be where your newly created status is available for selection.  Example: If the quote status = Draft, it will display Pending in the drop down and the change can be selected.  A comment can be captured per status with a short description.

6. Default State is when a new document is created, it is automatically set to the "Default" status.  Only one status can be selected as a default.

7. Locked for Processing locks down a document once this status is selected.  More than one status can be selected here.

8. Posted to Financial is an automatic status. The status updates when the document gets posted into Evolution. The document will now be locked.

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