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Report Designer Cross Tab Control

  1. The Cross Tab control represents dynamic data (obtained from an underlying data source) in a cross-tabulated form to create cross-tab reports, similar to Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel®. Column headers display unique values from one data field, and row headers - from another field. Each cell displays a summary for the corresponding row and column values. By specifying different data fields, you can see different totals. This allows you to get a compact layout for a complex data analysis.

In the Property Grid, the Cross Tab's properties are divided into the following groups:

1. Appearance

  • Location 
    Specifies the control's location, in report measurement units.
  • Size 
    Specifies the control's size, in report measurement units.
  • Styles
    Allows you to invoke the Styles Editor, which is intended to manage and customize the control's styles, which then can be assigned to the Pivot Grid's elements.

2. Behavior

  • Keep Together
    Specifies whether the contents of the control can be horizontally split across pages. In other words, if the control occupies more space than remains on the page, this property specifies whether this Pivot Grid should be split between the current page and the next, or whether it will be printed entirely on the next page. This property is in effect only when a Pivot Grid's content does not fit on the current page. If it does not fit on the next page, then the Pivot Grid will be split despite this property's value.
  • Layout Options
    Provides access to the Cross Tab's layout options.
  • Print Options
    Provides access to the Cross Tab's print options.
  • Scripts 
    This property contains events, which you can handle by the required scripts.
  • Visible 
    Specifies whether the control should be visible in print preview.

3. Data

  • Column Fields
    Provides access to the collection of the Cross Tab's column fields.
  • Data Adapter 
    Determines a data adapter that will populate a Pivot Grid's data source which is assigned via the Data Source property. It is automatically set to the appropriate value, when the Data Member property is defined.
  • Data Fields
    Invokes the Pivot Grid Field Collection Editor, allowing you to manage and fully customize a Pivot Grid's fields.
  • Data Member
    Specifies the data source member that provides data to the Cross Tab control.
  • Data Source 
    Determines a Pivot Grid's data source.
  • Filter String
    Specifies the Cross Tab's filter criteria.
  • Parameters
    Provides access to internal Cross Tab parameters.
  • Row Fields
    Provides access to the collection of the Cross Tab's row fields.
  • Tag
    Bindable. Gets or sets the object that contains data about this control.

4. Miscellaneous

  • (Name)
    Determines a control's name, by which it can be accessed in the Report Explorer, Property Grid or via scripts.
  • Snap Line Margin 
    Specifies the margin (in report measurement units), which is to be preserved around the control when it is aligned using Snap Lines, or when other controls are aligned next to it.
  • Parent Bookmark
    Gets or sets the report control whose bookmark is the parent of the current bookmark.

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