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Setup Sage Evolution Integration

Paradigm allows for a multi-company environment. This allows you to maintain Masterfile data and process documents in a single Paradigm database that is integrated with multiple financial databases.

1. Masterfile Maintenance

All Masterfile records get linked to one of your companies. For example, when your inventory items are pulled through from your Sage Evolution databases they are linked to their respective companies.

2. Document Processing

When creating a new document, you must select a branch. When you initiate for the document to be processed into the financial system, Paradigm looks up the Sage Evolution integration settings specified on the company that the selected branch is linked to. The financial document is then processed into the selected Sage Evolution database.

3. Connect to your Sage Evolution Databases

Navigate to Administration/Setup/Company Details. When setting up each of your companies, open the Financial Integration Tab to configure your integration settings.

  • Integration System
    Select Sage Evolution as the integration type.
  • Server
    Enter the name of your Microsoft SQL Server
  • Database
    Specify the name of the Sage Evolution Database
  • Username
    Enter your Microsoft SQL username
  • Password
    Enter your Microsoft SQL users password
  • Common Database
    Specify the name of your Evolution Common database

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