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To generate a new inventory count select Navigation -> Inventory -> Inventory Counts

Select the green plus in the top left hand corner to add new.

Configure your Inventory Count settings and create a snapshot of your inventory. 

Navigate to the Inventory Count Details tab to view the stock levels at the time of your snapshot. 

NOTE: System Qty will populate from the current Qty on Hand for each item in the specified warehouse. Remember any unposted transactions i.e invoices, production tickets, credit notes etc. will not be taken into account.

Here you can also print the Stock Count Sheet.

Once the stock has been counted, capture the Count Qty into the system.

Recalculate the Inventory Count to view the variances.

Here you can print the Stock Count Variance Report 

Once the stock count has been reviewed, the Inventory adjustment can be generated.

Navigate to the Processed Adjustment tab to find the inventory adjustment that was generated.

Review the Inventory Adjustment and once signed off Post to Financial to correct the system stock.

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