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To generate a new Inventory Count select Navigation -> Inventory -> Inventory Counts

Select the green plus in the top left hand corner to add a new Inventory Count.

On the 'General' tab, first select the 'Company', 'Branch' and 'Warehouse' you are counting stock for.

If Inventory is moving between bins, here you can select the 'From' and 'To' bins.

Under 'Snapshot Type', the options are 'Real-time Snapshot' and 'Back-dated Snapshot'. A Real-time Snapshot will capture the system quantities of inventory as they presently are. A Back-dated Snapshot allows you to select an earlier date for which system quantities will be captured allowing users to update 'Inventory Counts' at a later stage if they wish.

The two check boxes 'Ignore Inactive Items' and 'Ignore Items Zero On Hand', if selected, will not include items set to be 'Inactive' on the system and/or have a system quantity of 0 in the snapshot.

'Processing Details' contains settings pertaining to how the 'Inventory Count' generates the stock adjustments once processed.

'Uncounted Items' set to 'Adjust to Zero' will set the 'Qty On Hand' of any item not counted to a quantity of zero. 'Ignore Uncounted Items' leaves those items as they are.

Press the 'Generate Inventory Count Snapshot' button found at the top of the screen.

Navigate to the 'Inventory Count Details' tab to view the stock levels at the time of your snapshot. 

NOTE: System Qty will populate from the current Qty on Hand for each item in the specified warehouse. Remember any unposted transactions i.e. invoices, production tickets, credit notes etc. will not be taken into account.

Once the stock has been counted, capture the Count Qty into the system.

Recalculate the Inventory Count to view the variances.

If the item being counted uses Batch Tracking, the batch will appear at the bottom of the screen when selected. You must input the 'Count Qty' into the batch for these items.

Any item that has been edited on the 'Inventory Count' will have its 'Modified' column checked. This is to say that the item has been counted.

Once the stock count has been reviewed, the Inventory Adjustment can be generated by clicking 'Generate To Inventory Adjustments' button.

Navigate to the Processed Adjustment tab to find the inventory adjustment that was generated.

Opening the 'Inventory Adjustment' we can see the changes that have been made to the system qty 'Qty On Hand' for each item that was counted. In the below example, 100 units of the item 'BUL001' was counted. The variance of the count and the system quantity was (-900) which accounts for the adjustment of '900 Qty Out'

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