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Processing Inter-Branch Transfers (IBTs)

An Inter-Branch Transfer or IBT is a transaction that moves stock from a Warehouse in one Branch to a Warehouse in another Branch.

There are 3 legs to an IBT :

  1. Requisition, created by the warehouse requiring stock.
  2. IBT Out, sent by the warehouse containing the stock.
  3. IBT In, processed by the receiving warehouse once the stock has been delivered.

Create A Requisition

Navigate to 'Inventory' > 'Processing' > 'IBT Requisition'

Click the 'New IBT Requisition' button at the top-left of the screen.

Under the 'General' tab, on the 'Details' pane, select your 'Branch'.

If the IBT Requisition was generated from a Production Ticket, the Production Ticket number will appear here in the 'Source Production Ticket' field.

The 'Document No' will be generated automatically after the document is Saved.

On the 'Warehouses' pane

  1. Select the 'From Warehouse' and 'To Warehouse'. This is to say that you would like to transfer stock from 'CPT Finished Goods' to 'JHB Finished Goods'.
  2. The 'Goods In Transit Warehouse' holds the stock once the stock has left the 'From Warehouse' until the stock arrives into the 'To Warehouse'.
  3. Once delivered, damaged stock can be assigned into the 'Damaged Goods Warehouse'.
  4. Any variances found within the transaction can be recorded into the 'Variance Goods Warehouse'.

On the 'Lines' pane, select the 'Inventory Item' you wish to replenish and edit the 'Requisition Qty'.

The 'Requisition Qty' is the requested quantity of stock requested by the 'To Warehouse'. Once confirmed, you can set the 'Status' from 'Draft' to 'Requested' and click 'Save'.

Send An IBT Out

The 'From Warehouse is now responsible for generating the 'IBT Out' leg of the transaction by responding to the IBT Requisition.

As the 'From Warehouse', in this case "CPT Finished Goods", you can filter the 'IBT Requisitions' list by 'Status : Requested' and 'From Warehouse : CPT Finished Goods'.

This is an effective way to see all requests sent to your relevant warehouse.

Double-click to open an IBT Requisition you wish to respond to.

Fill in the 'Requisition Qty To Process' and click the 'Process IBT Requisition' button.

Once the Requisition has been processed the 'Requisition Qty To Process' will add onto the 'Requisition Qty Processed' amount.

Navigate to the 'IBT Outs' tab, here you will find the newly generated 'IBT Out' document as well as any other 'IBT' generated from this Requisition.

On the 'IBT Out' document, the 'Qty Issued' will be the quantity that is to be transferred.

When the goods are ready to be dispatched and delivered, click the 'Post Inter Branch Transfer' button.

The 'Qty Issued' will now be taken out of the 'From Warehouse' and transferred into the 'Goods In-Transit Warehouse'.

Processing An IBT In

The 'IBT Out' now becomes an 'IBT In' document. Navigate to 'Inventory' > 'Processing' > 'IBT In'.

Once an 'IBT Out' has been received by the 'To Warehouse' It is their responsibility to now close the final leg of the transfer. Double-click to open the relevant IBT.

On the IBT 'Lines' 

  1. 'Quantity To Process' will be the quantity that must be transferred from the 'In-Transit Warehouse' into the 'To Warehouse'.
  2. 'Damaged Qty To Process' will transfer stock from the 'In-Transit Warehouse' into the 'Damaged Goods Warehouse'.
  3. 'Variance Qty To Process' will transfer stock from the 'In-Transit Warehouse' into the 'Variance Goods Warehouse'.

Once the delivery has been completed and all quantities confirmed, click the 'Post Inter Branch Transfer' button to complete the transaction and book the stock into the 'To Warehouse'

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