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Dashboard Elements


The 'Pivot' element displays a cross-tabular report. Use it to present multi-dimensional data in a human-readable way.


The grid shows data in a tabular form while allowing you to summarize against specific measures or calculate differences between them.


The Chart visualizes data in an XY-diagram allowing you to render a wide range of diagram types from simple bar or line charts to financial Open-High-Low-Close graphs.

Scatter Chart

Visualizes data by plotting points matching 2 data fields on the X and Y axes respectively, great for spotting data outliers.


This element displays a series of pies or donuts that represent the contribution of each value to a total.


This element displays a series of gauges. Each gauge can communicate 2 values. One with a needle and the other with a marker on the scale.


This element displays a series of cards each illustrating the difference between two values. This difference can be expressed in an absolute or percentage variation.


A Treemap gives a visual representation of the values depicted. Bigger values are represented by bigger blocks.


This element allows you to group multiple other elements onto a single panel. Below we have a Grid element and a Pie element on the Group panel.

Tab Container

This creates a panel with multiple tabs that can be used to organize multiple dashboard elements. Below we have a grid on one tab and a pie chart on the other.

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