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Setup Inventory For Production

Navigate to 'Inventory' > 'Processing' > 'Inventory Items'

Double-click on the item you wish to setup to open it.

On the 'Item' tab, ensure that all the 'Units of Measurement' are set to the correct unit.

Navigate to the 'Manufacturing | Distribution' tab.

The 'Item Type' can be set here. This determines where the Inventory Item can be used within the Production system.

Items flagged as a 'Raw Material' and 'Consumable' can only be used as a Production Input. When posting a Production Ticket the system will take these items out of stock.

Items flagged as a 'Finished Good' can only be used as a Production Output. When posting a Production Ticket the system will put these items into stock.

Items flagged as a 'WIP Item'...

Items marked 'Flag as Crate'...

Items marked 'Flag as Pallet'...

Under 'Production Costing Method' you can set how you would like your Production Tickets to cost the Item.

Selecting 'Use Fixed Unit Cost' will cost the Item at the value entered in the field 'Fixed Unit Cost'

Selecting 'Use Bill Of Material Cost' will set the Unit Cost of the Item as the Unit Cost of the Fg Item on the BOM selected for the Production Ticket.

Selecting 'Use Actual Cost' will cost the item as calculated by....

At the bottom of the page, navigating to 'Bill Of Materials' will display a list of all the BOMs created for the Inventory Item. This only applies to Items flagged as a 'Finished Good'.

For more information on creating BOMs go to Create Bill Of Materials.

Navigating to the 'Production Image' tab, here you will find an empty white page where you can assign an image to represent Production of this Item.

Right-click on the white space and click 'Load'. A window will pop up allowing you to browse your files for the required image. Select the image file and then click 'Open' to attach it to the Item in Paradigm.

Once an image has been attached, Right-click on the image to be able to 'Cut', 'Copy', 'Paste' or 'Delete' the image.

Alternatively you can copy an image from a folder and use the 'Paste' function to attach the Image to the Item.

Cutting or Deleting the image will unattached the Image from the Item.

Note that clicking 'Save' at the top left of your screen is not the same as Right-clicking on the attached image and then clicking 'Save'. Saving with the button on the top left of the screen will save all changes made to the Inventory Item.

Clicking 'Save' on the image will allow you to save the image in a new folder, rename the image file and set the filetype of the image file.

You can now click 'Save' at the top-left to confirm all your changes.

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