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Create Bill Of Materials

Navigate to 'Production' > 'Maintenance' > 'Bill Of Material'.

Click the 'New Bill Of Material' button at the top-left of the screen to create a new Bill Of Material.

Navigate to the 'General' tab.

On the 'Details' pane you must set the 'Company' and 'Branch' from which you wish to process production.

If you flag the BOM as 'Inactive' by checking the box below. This BOM will not be selectable on Production Tickets.

Under 'Finished Good' select the 'Inventory' Item that you wish to be the output for this BOM.

The 'Unit Of Measure' and 'Description' field will fill in automatically provided the Inventory Item is setup correctly. In the above case the 'Unit Of Measure' is the 'Production Unit' set for the Item.

To ensure the Inventory Item is setup correctly go to Setup Inventory For Production.

Under 'Bill Of Material Lines' we can add the Input items that are to be taken out of stock when producing the Finished Good on this BOM.

Click the empty line labelled "Click here to add a new row" to add a new Bill Of Material Line.

'Seq No' is short for Sequence Number. This value is for sorting purposes and managing the Bill Of Material Lines.

 Use the drop-down menu on the 'Inventory' field and select the desired Inventory Item. Only Raw Materials and Consumables will appear in this drop-down menu. The 'Unit Of Measure' field on this line will fill in automatically using this Items 'Production Unit'.

The 'Qty' field represents the amount of this Item you wish to produce.

In the case above it will require 1 BAG001 to produce 1 FLA001.

The 'Warehouse' field represents which Warehouse the Production Ticket is to take stock out from. Use the drop-down to select the desired Warehouse.

The 'Wastage Percent' represents the portion of stock that is unusable after the production process is completed. In the example below the 'Qty' required for production is 1 whereas the 'Total Qty' is the true quantity in order to Produce the Finished Good. It is the 'Total Qty' that will be posted on the Production Ticket when Processing.

'Total Qty' = 'Qty' + ('Qty' x 'Wastage Percent')

If 'Auto Issue' is checked, then this Bill Of Material Line will automatically issue the full required quantity with zero variance when processing a Production Ticket.

For more information on Production Issues go to Production Issues.

On the Main Toolbar you will find the 'Set as Default Bill Of Material' button.

This will set the current BOM as the default BOM for the specified Finished Good.

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