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Setup Pricelists And Future Pricing

Pricelists are a great way to manage the selling price of multiple Inventory Items either on an Inventory Level or a Warehouse Level. If a pricelist is created on a Warehouse Level this means that the same items would sell for a different  price depending on which warehouse the item is being sold out of.

Creating A Pricelist

Navigate to 'Inventory' > 'Maintenance' > 'Pricelists'.

To create a new Pricelist click the 'New Customer Pricelist' button.

Select a 'Company' and type in the 'Code' and 'Name' you wish to use for the new Pricelist.

Clicking the 'Inactive' box will remove the Pricelist from any pricing options.

Lower down you will find 2 panes, 'Inventory Level Pricing' and 'Warehouse Level Pricing'.

'Warehouse Level Pricing' is the same as Inventory Level, just that the prices are only then applied to the selected item within the selected Warehouse.

To add a single item to the pricelist, click the 'New Pricelist Detail' button.

This will open a new tab where you can select your 'Inventory Item' and type in the new selling price in the 'Price Including' field.

Clicking Save on the 'Item Pricing' tab will then add this item as a line on the relevant 'Pricing' pane.

Alternatively you can click the 'Add All / Missing Inventory Items' button to add all items on the system to the list.

The price for each item can be edited on the list as well.

Future Pricing

For transactions scheduled after a planned price increase, you can edit the 'Future Price Start' date on the 'Settings' pane. Any transaction forward dated to this date or further will pull the 'Future Price' from the pricelist.

The 'Future Price' is set alongside the current 'Price' within the 'Pricing' detail lines.

When you are ready to convert all Current Prices to the Future Price you can click on the 'Copy Future Prices To Current Prices' button.

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