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Navigate to 'Administration' > 'Setup' > 'Transaction Status'

Here you find a list of all statuses available for each Document Type.

On the list you will notice 5 check boxes.

  1. 'Default' - This will be the first status given to the document when it is generated.
  2. 'Auto Generated Default' - This will be the first status given to the document when it is generated by the Paradigm system.
  3. 'Locked For Processing' - These statuses will lock the document, preventing any changes being made to the document before it has been posted to the financial system.
  4. 'Can Re-Open' - If the status has 'Locked For Processing' checked, then having 'Can Re-Open' checked as well, will allow users to change the status unlocking it from being Locked For Processing.
  5. 'Posted To Financial' - This status is to indicate that the document has been pushed forward to the integration console to be integrated into your financial system.

The 'Available Filter' column is a field that tells Paradigm which other statuses can be selected for a document manually. Use the exact 'Name' of the status and separate multiple statuses by a semicolon.

In the above example, a 'Customer Invoice' with the 'Draft' status can have the status field manually changed to either 'In Progress' or 'Cancelled'.

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