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Paradigm Software is integrated with Sage Evolution Standard and Sage Evolution Premium ERP. This includes integration with the Inventory, Customer and Supplier Accounts and Document modules.

1. Inventory Integration

This is mainly a one-way integration. Inventory items and other inventory related records get captured in Sage Evolution. These records are then automatically created in Paradigm for processing.

See Inventory Integration Overview for more information.

2. Customer and Supplier Account Integration

Two part integration - Paradigm will fetch all your existing customer and supplier accounts from Sage Evolution. Thereafter, any new accounts will be created in Paradigm and sent to Sage Evolution when a financial document is posted against the new account.

See Account Integration Overview for more information.

3. Document Integration

Paradigm provides a platform to process various customer and supplier documents.  When any of these documents reach a point where they need to process a financial document, such as an invoice or goods received voucher, then the financial document will get automatically processed into Sage Evolution when the document is posted to financial system.

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