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With Report Designer, you can force a data-bound control to calculate one of the standard summary functions (Average, Summary, Count, Running Summary, Percentage, Max or Min).

To calculate summaries (totals) within a report, follow the instructions below:

1. To display the result at the bottom of a report, the Report Footer band should be present. Add it by right-clicking anywhere over the report's area and in the invoked Context Menu, select Insert Band/Report Footer.

2. To select it, click the field for which a summary will be calculated. Then, hold down CTRL and drag the field onto the Report Footer area to create an exact copy of the Label that will display the summary.

3. Now, select the newly created Label, click its Smart Tag, and in its actions list, click the ellipsis button for the Summary item. And, in the invoked Summary Editor, specify the summary options. The following image shows an example of how you can set up your total.

NOTE: The Summary Running option is set to Report, to ensure that all values from the specified data field are taken into account.
Value formatting is applied to a summary independently of the general formatting, and has a greater priority. When calculating totals for groups, you can sort the groups against a summary function result.

To save the settings and close the dialog, click OK.

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