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Apply Data Filtering to a Report

Filtering can be applied to the report as a whole. To filter on a specific control/band, a visibility expression can be used that works just like a filter.

To add a filter on the full report, click 'Report Tasks' at the top-left of the screen. Open the 'FilterString Editor'.

Here you can express your filter conditions. As an example, I only want to display records for Company 1 and not for Company 2 and 3. My expression will look as follows.

Lets say we would only like to view Sales Orders for Company 1, we can either add to the Report Filter or add a visibility expression on the DetailBand.

To add a visibility expression on the DetailBand, first select the band and navigate to its 'Properties' menu.

Leaving the 'Visible' check box checked, click the dot next to it and select 'Visible Expression'. This will be an expression to say which records should be visible.

The expression below tells the report writer to only make visible the details of documents where the document type's name is 'Customer Sales Order'.

INFO : Since the report was created as a Document report, the detail band pulls data from DocumentDetails. Above, to call the Document Type's Name, we can simply call [Type].[Name] instead of [Document].[Type].[Name].
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