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User Management Overview

Paradigm's built-in security module allows you to manage users and roles with several different types of access permission levels.

Setup users, roles and permissions by working through the following articles:

1. Create Different Roles

Create a role or multiple roles with the access rights that you want to grant to your users.
See Create a New Role for more information.

2. Add Type Permissions

Grant a role full access to all of the Paradigm tables using the type permissions.
See Add User Permissions for more information.

3. Set the Navigation Menu Access Permissions

Revoke user access rights by hiding specific navigation menu items.
See Add Navigation Access Permissions for more information

4. Set Action Button Permissions

Limit users processing ability by revoking access to specific toolbar buttons.
See Add Action Access Permissions for more information

5. Set Member Access Permissions

Use member permissions to hide specific fields on a record, e.g. do not show the sales team the customer credit limit field.
See Add Member Access Permissions for more information

6. Set Object Access Permissions

Use object permissions to hide specific records of a data-set, e.g. only show a sales team the customer records where the Industry = Manufacturing.
See Add Object Permissions for more information

7. Create New Users

Setup all of the users that are required to log into Paradigm.
See Create New User for more information

8. Link Users to Applicable Roles

Link each of the users to a specific role.
See Link Users to Roles for more information

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