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Using Production Replenishments

Using 'Production Replenishments' is very similar to using 'Inventory Replenishments'. See How To Use Replenishments for more information.

Navigate to 'Production' > 'Processing' > 'Production Replenishment'

Click the 'New Production Replenishment' button   to create a new Production Replenishment Suggestion.

Select the 'Branch' in which you wish to replenish stock.

On the 'Suggestion Criteria' pane you can select a 'Warehouse'. This is the warehouse that is to be replenished.

'Inventory Category' and 'Inventory Sub Category' will tell the 'Replenishment Suggestion' to only suggest replenishments for Inventory Items that fall within these criteria.

Once the 'Details' and 'Suggestion Criteria' have been filled in, you can click the 'Recalculate Replenishment Suggestions' button.

This will create Replenishment Suggestions based off of 'Buffer Levels' and 'Qty In Buffer' values.

See Buffer Level for more information.

If you click the 'Confirm Production Plan' button, found at the top of the screen, this will set the Production Replenishment to 'Planning Confirmed' and will lock the 'Recalculate Replenishment Suggestions' button. New Suggestions can no longer be generated on this replenishment, however the 'Qty To Process' can still be edited manually.

You can click the 'Confirm Maximum Qty To Process' button  to fill in the full 'Suggested Qty' as the 'Qty To Process for each line selected.

You can now click the 'Create Transactions' button   to generate Production Tickets for each Suggestion containing a 'Qty To Process'.

The newly generated Production Ticket can be found under the 'Production Tickets' tab. Double click on it to open the Production Ticket for further processing.

Once the Production Ticket has been generated, the 'Material Explosion' tab also becomes populated. If the Item requires Finished Goods Sub-Assembly items for production, then the 'FG Sub-Assembly Explosion' tab will also be populated. Here we can see a summary of materials required for production. On the right we have the 'Source' pane which further summarizes the selected material and its required quantity for each item being produced.

On the 'Bill of Material Detail' tab within the 'Material Explosion' tab, we can see the requirements for each item to be produced. In this case it is just the 'FLA001' item.

Once you are done using this Replenishment Suggestion, you can set the 'Document Status' to 'Completed'.

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