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Managing Financial Periods

The Financial Periods are normally managed within sage Evolution, but for those using Pastel Partner can manage the Financial Periods within Paradigm.

Firstly, the 'Maintain Financial Periods' setting must be set for the company within Paradigm.

Navigate to 'Administration' > 'setup' > 'Companies'

Open the necessary Company and navigate to the 'Settings' tab. Check the 'Maintain Financial Periods' checkbox found on the 'Document Processing Settings' panel.

This setting allows you to maintain the financial periods within the Paradigm application instead of having to integrate them from Evolution. For more information on Integrating the Financial Periods and other Financial Tables, see Integrating Financial Tables.

You can now navigate to 'Administration' > 'Financial Tabels' > 'Financial Year'.

This page displays each 'Financial Year'. Double Click the Financial Year you wish to manage.

Here you can block and unblock each 'Financial Period' within the 'Financial Year'.

On the right of this screen, you can add users to give them the ability to override Blocked Periods. This will allow the selected user to post transactions dated within a blocked financial period.

Click save after making any changes you wish to keep.

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