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Easily analyse the data within a grid by using the summary panel located at the bottom of the grid.

1. Summary Types

The following summary types are available:

  • Count - The amount of records in the column.
  • Sum - The total of all the records in the column.
  • Average - The average value of all the records in the column.
  • Min - The value of the lowest record in the column.
  • Max - The value of the highest record in the column.

2. Applying Column Summaries

You can apply multiple summary types for each column displayed on the grid:

  • Right-click in the summary panel located at the bottom of the grid, directly beneath the target column.
  • From the context menu that appears, select the summary type you'd like to apply.
  • You can apply multiple summaries to each column of the grid.
  • Remove an individual summary type by right-clicking on the summary and selecting None.
  • Remove all summaries applied to a specific column by right-clicking in the summary panel, directly beneath the target column and select Clear Summary Items.

3. Summary Mode

There are 3 summary modes: 'All Rows', 'Selection' and 'Mixed'.

  • All Rows will summarize the values of all rows visible on screen.
  • Selection will summarize the values of all selected rows. Below you can see the 'Estimated Sales Value' column summarizing the top 4 selected rows only.

  • Mixed summary mode will switch from 'All Rows' to 'Selection' mode depending on whether 1 or more rows are selected. As soon as multiple rows are selected, 'Selection' mode will apply.

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