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Create New Team Activity

1. Open the Team Activities screen by navigating to Tasks - Processing - Team Activities.

2. Click the   Add New icon on the main toolbar or right-click on the team activity grid and select 'Add Team Activity/Workspace'.

3. In the popup window that appears, select Company and the Workspace to add the new team activity to.

4. If you require a workspace which is not on the list, add a new one by pressing the 'New' button in the workspace dropdown and adding a new workspace. Use the shortcut CTRL+Enter to save and close window.

5. Give your team activity a name and press 'OK'.

Your newly added team activity will have been added to the team activities list within the allocated workspace. Once you click on your new team activity it will open up the task grid to the right. This is where you can add and collaborate on all tasks related to this activity. Selecting a task line on the task grid, will open a right-hand pane with a the task detail box related to the selected task line.

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