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Team Activities Overview

A Team Activity is a list of tasks related to a specific project or activity.

When to create a Team Activity

Since team activities are lists of tasks, you’ll want to create team activities for bigger initiatives that may include multiple people or complex workflows. Use Team Activities to group related tasks for your latest initiative, high-level goals, ideas, meeting agendas, product development, product deployment, project management, etc.

Team Activity layout

  • Tasks Tab

Paradigm Team Activities are structured to keep your projects and tasks together so that everyone is always on the same page. 

1. You can group your Team Activities by Workspaces. You can create your workspaces based on any grouping mechanism you want. You could create workspaces to define your department, e.g. Sales, Marketing, Production, or to define activities of a particular type, e.g. Site Implementations, Website Design Projects.

2. Once you click on a Team Activity it will open up a Task Grid to the right. This is where you can add and collaborate on all tasks related to this activity.

3. Selecting a task line on the task grid, will open a right-hand pane with the Task Detail Box related to the selected task line.

  • Comments Tab

A list of Discussions on all tasks linked to the Team Activity.

See Adding Task Comments for more information.

  • Attachments Tab

A summary of all attachments on tasks linked to the Team Activity.

See Adding Task Attachments for more information.

  • Timesheets Tab

A summary of timesheets associated with all tasks linked to the Team Activity.

See Capturing Timesheets for more information.

  • Settings Tab

Specify information that will auto-populate the corresponding fields on all tasks linked to the Team Activity.

See Using Team Activity Defaults for more information.

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