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Timesheets are used to record the amount of time spent on a task. To generate a Timesheet you can either generate one from the Timesheets grid or form a Task.

To generate a Timesheet from a Task, select and highlight the task you wish to link a Timesheet to. Under the 'Timesheets' tab on the right of the screen, click the 'New Timesheet' button. 

The 'Timesheets' window will pop up. You must select a 'Branch' and 'Total Time Worked'. You can even generate an Invoice to bill for time spent by filling out the 'Billing Details' and then clicking the 'Release Timesheet(s) for Invoicing' button.

If you are not billing for time spent, you can set the 'Billable' setting to 'Not Billable'.

Once you click save   the 'Timesheets' window will close and the newly created Timesheet will be visible under the 'Timesheets' tab within the Task.

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