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Linking Tasks to Documents and Records

A single task can get linked to multiple records and documents. The task will be displayed on the task grid, under the task tab on all of the documents and records that the task is linked to.

To see what documents and records a task is linked to:

1. Select the task line.

2. Navigate to the Source tab on the task detail box.

Create a New Document Linked to The Task

  1. Select the task line you wish to be linked to the new document.
  2. Click the 'Create New Document' button   which will create a new document linked to the selected task.

Automatically Linked Tasks

  • Open up the document or record that you want to link a task to.
  • Navigate to the Tasks Tab.
  • Create a new task on the task grid.
  • The new task will automatically be linked to the currently active document or record, with the link visible on the Linked To tab in the task detail box.

See Creating New Tasks for more information. 

Task tabs can be found on the following Documents and Records:

Working DocumentsTeam Activities
Sales OpportunitiesLeads
Sales OrdersSuppliers
Delivery NotesInventory
Purchase Orders
Goods Received Notes
Work Tickets
Customer Contracts

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