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You can create new tasks under Tasks tab in various documents and records using the following two methods:

  • Create a task directly on a Task Grid
  • Create a task on the fly from anywhere

Create New Tasks on Task Grids

  • Add New Task
  1. Open the relevant document or record and select Tasks tab.
  2. Click on the Add New  icon or right-click in an open area on the grid and select Add New - Task from the context menu that appears.
  3. Create new tasks on the task grid.

INFO: When you are on a  task grid in any document, record or team activity, you are able to capture a new task line directly onto the grid. Doing this will automatically fill in the relative 'Linked To' fields under the Details tab based on the current screen you are on.

For example, if you capture a task directly onto the grid found under the task tab on Customer Record (Woolworths Krugersdorp), then the linked to customer field on task detail box will get auto-filled with Customer Record (Woolworths Krugersdorp).

    4. Notice that the linked customer field is auto-filled to the current customer record you are on.

Completing other linked fields on a task will make that task visible on those linked particular documents and records as well.

See Linking Tasks to Documents and Records for more information.

Create New Task on the Fly

Whether you're looking to add a task to your My Task grid or to another person’s My Tasks grid, you can use the New Task Pop-up Window. You can invoke the new task pop-up window from anywhere in the system by pressing the  icon on the main toolbar or using the Ctrl + T keyboard shortcut.

You can perform the following actions when creating a new task on the fly via the popup window:

  • Task Tab
  1. Provide a task name and description.
  2. Add the task to a specific Team Activity, if applicable.
  3. Assign person responsible.
  4. Set a task due date.

  • Details Tab

Make the new task a sub-task of an existing task within the selected Team Activity, if applicable.

  • Linked To Tab
  1. Link the task to specific records.
  2. Link the task to specific documents.

  • Responsible Tab
  1. Specify an additional person to assist with the completion of the task using the re-assign to field.
  2. Specify the person responsible for approving the task.
  3. Specify the person responsible for authorising the task.

  • Attachments Tab

Upload attachments/files to the task.

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