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Create New Task Template

We have made it easy to setup task templates, consisting of a predefined list of tasks or steps to be completed.

Create a new template

1. Navigate to Tasks - Maintenance - Task Templates. Press the   Add New icon on the main toolbar.

2. Provide a Name for your task template and Description. 

3. In the Template Task grid, create all of your tasks to be imported as a template. Add new task by clicking on the line 'Click here to add new row' and name the task or right-click in an open area on the task grid and select 'New' - 'Task Template Detail' from the context menu that appears.

4. Add new sub-tasks by selecting the task on the grid to which you want to add the sub-task to, selecting the Sub-Tasks tab on the right-hand side task detail box and follow the same process as above to add sub-tasks lines.  

See Creating New Tasks for more information.

Set the sequence numbers

  • If you do not set any sequence numbers, then the task lines will get imported in the sequence in which they were created in.
  • If you want to change the sequence in which the task lines get imported, then amend the values in the 'Seq' column.
  • Once you've added your sequence number values, right-click on the sequence number column and select Sort Ascending. This will sort the grid in the order in which the task lines will be imported.

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