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Navigation → Documents → Processing → Select required Processing Document Type (Example: Quotations) from list view and double click to open

1. Select Document Lines tab.

2. Select Inventory Item.

3. Use CTRL + F to search Inventory Items for required code/item.

4. Select Quantity (Qty) and capture data. The Unit Price will pull through from Evolution (if the item has a price list setup) automatically and the tax will be calculated as per the Evolution settings.

5. Save using the  icon or CTRL + S.

NOTE: Depending on the Paradigm site fields like the Warehouse Inventory will be compulsory if Warehousing is used.

6. Discounts can be captured if relevant.  The discount can be per line.  Example: If a product is for sale and delivery is required, the user can capture discount on the line item only as there is no discount on the delivery fee.

7. Or the discount can be per document.  Example: If only a product for sale and there are various line items that all require the discount, the user can discount the whole document.

8. Save using the save  icon (CTRL + S shortcut) or use the save and close  icon (CTRL + Enter shortcut).

NOTE: The Paradigm default unit price is excluding VAT.

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