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Documents in this section, details the available kinds of report bands and their settings.

In the Report Designer, a report is built upon bands - sections of varied type and purpose, where report controls are contained. Bands are featured in the Designer Tab, solely to represent different sections of a report document (such as detail, report or page header, or footer). They allow you to select exactly where a control should be printed, and how many times.

1. Band Types

The following band types are available.

  • Detail Band
  • Grouping Bands
  • Report Header and Footer 
  • Page Header and Footer
  • Page Margin Bands
  • Detail Report Band (For Master Detail Reports) 

2. Manage Bands

To manage bands in a report, click its Smart Tag and in the invoked actions list, click the Edit and Reorder Bands link.

In the invoked Report Editor you can easily add, remove and reorder bands, and adjust their options.

Alternatively, you can invoke the Report Editor via any bands Smart Tag.

To quickly insert a band of any type (except for the Detail band, since it is required in a report), right-click anywhere on a reports surface and in the invoked Context Menu, point to Insert Band, and choose the band type.

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