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Add Object Permissions

Use object permissions to hide specific records of a dataset.

E.g. Only show a specific role on the Customer records where the Industry equals Manufacturing.

1. Open the Add Bulk Permissions tab on the Roles Screen.

2. In the Paradigm Software Tables category, double-click on the line Account.

3. Double-click on the newly added line to invoke the pop-up window, set the Navigate option to 'Allow'.  This gives the roles access to navigate the Customer Table.

4. Set the Read, Write, Create and Delete options to 'Deny'.

5. Click on the empty line to create a new line.

6. Edit the 'Criteria' field by clicking the 3 dots next to it to open the Criteria Builder and set the Criteria to Industry equals Manufacturing.

7. Set the Read, Write and Delete options to 'Allow'

This role is now permitted to navigate the Customer Table but can only read, write and delete customer records where Industry equals Manufacturing.

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