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How to Resolve Object Reference Error

One of the benefits of Paradigm is that it runs off a live database, however if work is unsaved or not refreshed regularly errors can occur.

Please remember the following when processing:

  • Restart Paradigm daily and do not leave unsaved data overnight.
  • Save and Close unused tabs whenever possible.
  • Save the captured  information before processing (e.g. an invoice from a sales order) or posting to financial system. 
  • Do not process long orders without saving frequently. i.e. capture a line or 2 and save.
  • If revisiting a tab that has been open for a while refresh the screen before starting to process.
  • If an error like this occurs close tabs and restart the application by using FileClose (this resets and refreshes the whole system).

The following shortcuts are useful:

Crtl + S saves data.

Crtl + ENTER saves data and closes the tab you are working on.

F5 refreshes data or use the  icon on the top toolbar. 

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