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Setup User Settings

Navigate to 'Administration' > 'User Manager' > 'User Settings'.

Double-click to open the User you wish to edit.

If you wish to make a new User you can Create a New User here.

Navigate to the 'General' tab.

Under 'Details' you can only edit the User 'Code'.

If you would like to change the 'User Name' or set the user from 'Active' to 'Inactive' you will have to navigate to 'Administration' > 'User Manager' > 'Users'.

Double-click to open the User you wish to configure.

Under 'Details' both the 'User Name' and 'Is Active' are editable.

If 'Is Active' is unchecked then this User will not be able to log into the Paradigm System.

Check out the Create a New User article for more information on User Setup.

Make sure to Navigate back to 'Administration' > 'User Manager' > 'User Settings'.


Still on the 'General' tab, under 'User Permissions' we can find 2 'Approval Override' settings.

Checking 'Allow Override Negative Batch Qty' will allow the User to Approve a batch that contains negative quantities.

Checking 'Allow Override Production Ticket Errors' will allow the user to Approve a Production Ticket with any number of validation errors such as Negative Warehouse Qty or any Variances greater than the set 'Acceptable Variance %'. 

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