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Setup Company Settings for Production

These are settings applied to the 'Company' related to processing Production within Paradigm.

Navigate to 'Administration' > 'Setup' > 'Companies'

Double-click on the company you wish to configure to open it.

Navigate to the 'Settings' tab.

Under 'Production Tickets' you will find settings related to the Production process.

The 'FG Avg Cost Accepted Variance %' is the maximum allowed difference between the Current Average Unit Cost of the Finished Good Item and the Unit Cost as per the Finished Good Item's 'Production Costing Method'. If the 'FG Avg Cost Accepted Variance %' is exceeded, the Production Ticket will notify you that there has been 'Posting Validation Errors Detected'.

This is set on the Inventory Item's Manufacturing and Distribution settings. For more information on the 'Production Costing Method' go to Setup Inventory For Production.

The 'Production Variance Base Unit' can be set to tell the Paradigm System to convert the Finished Good's 'Production Unit' of Measure to the 'Production Variance Base Unit' of Measure before calculating for FG Average Cost Variance.

'Allow Production Reversals' will enable or disable the 'Post Production Ticket Reversal' button.

For more information on Production Ticket Reversals go to Post Production Ticket Reversal.

'Auto Focus Production Tasks'....

'Use Production Variance Calculation'...

 'Use Raw Material As WIP Item'....

'Use Purchasing Production Issues'....

'Allow Production Ticket Planning'.....

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