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Once you have given Paradigm the credentials of your financial database, Paradigm can communicate with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and either Sage Evolution or Pastel Partner.

See Connect Sage Evolution Database or Connect Pastel Partner Database.

Integrating Masterfiles

GL Accounts must be created in your respective financial software and then imported into Paradigm. To Import GL Accounts, firstly navigate to 'Integration Console' > 'Operational Data' > 'Masterfiles'.

This is where you can import data from the financial system into Paradigm. These Masterfiles are maintained within the financial system and can be resynced on this screen at anytime.

To integrate, select the rows you wish to fetch and click the 'Queue for Integration' button.

The 'Status' will change from 'Not Queued for Integration' to 'Queued for Integration'. Once completed the status will revert back.

Now that the Masterfiles have been integrated you can finish setting up how Companies, Branches and Warehouses integrate into the financial system.

Company Integration Settings

Navigate to 'Administration' > 'Setup' > 'Companies'.

Double click to open the Company you wish to setup.

Navigate to the 'Financial Integration Setup' tab. Here we will be focusing on the 'Financial Posting Settings'.

  1. Posting Supplier - This is the supplier account used by the Paradigm system to post transactions in the financial system.
  2. Rounding GL Account - If your company is utilizing rounding, then all rounding differences will be stored in this account.
  3. No Charge Tax Type - Set the Tax Type to be used when providing no charge.
  4. Purchase Accrual Account - This is the account to be used for the company's GRN Accruals.
  5. VAT Control Account - This account is to record VAT on all Sales and Purchases.
  6. GRN Transaction Code - Transaction code to generate Goods Received Notes in your financial system. 
  7. Customer Journal Batch -
  8. Petty Cash Transaction Code - Transaction code to generate Petty Cash transactions in your financial system.

Transaction codes are functions called within your Sage financial system in order to generate transactions. These codes are also managed within Sage Evolution or Pastel Partner.

Branch Integration Settings

Navigate to 'Administration' > 'Setup' > 'Branches'.

Double click to open the Branch you wish to setup.

Navigate to the 'Settings' tab. Here you can set the relevant transaction codes for the branch.

Further settings oriented towards process setup are covered in the following articles :

  • Company Settings.
  • Branch Settings.
  • Warehouse Settings.

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