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Navigate to 'Inventory' > 'Processing' > 'Price Adjustments'

To create a 'Price Adjustment' click on the 'New Price Adjustment' button.

Under the 'General' tab on the 'Details' pane, select the 'Company'. The Price Adjustment 'Document Status' will then be set to 'In Progress.

On the 'Update Records' pane. Select the 'Pricelist' you wish to adjust as well as selecting weather you would like to 'Update Current Prices' or 'Update Future Prices'.

On the 'Update Settings' pane select an 'Adjustment Method', the 'Adjustment Percentage'. In the case below there is no 'Rounding Method' selected, therefore no rounding will occur. If you would like to view the 'Prices Exclusive' rather than the 'Prices Inclusive' you can change the 'Toggle' selection.

Click the 'Refresh Price Adjustment' button. This will add all the Items from the selected Pricelist to the Price Adjustment and automatically calculate 'New Unit Price' based on the 'Update Settings'.

You can also manually edit the 'New Unit Price'. The edited line will then be flagged as 'Manually Updated'. As seen below, items BAG002 and BAG003 have been updated automatically by increasing the 'Old Unit Price' Inclusive by 5%.

Once you are satisfied with all the 'New Unit Prices', click the 'Approve Price Adjustment'.

Once Approved, the post button will unlock. If you wish to process this Price Adjustment, click the 'Process Price Adjustment' button.

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