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Warehouse transfers perform the same function as IBTs, they transfer stock from one warehouse to another. Only difference being that a Warehouse Transfer on the system will move stock immediately whereas an IBT has an extra procedure of the transaction sitting in 'In Transit' until the stock is delivered physically.

Navigate to 'Inventory' > 'Processing' > 'Warehouse Transfers'

To create a new Warehouse Transfer, click the new 'Warehouse Transfer' button found at the top-left of the screen.

Under the 'General' tab on the 'Details' panel, select a relevant 'Branch', this branch must contain the warehouses from which you wish to transfer stock between.

Under the 'Lines' tab, select the Inventory Items you wish to transfer. The Stock will be taken out of the 'From Warehouse' and be transferred into the 'To Warehouse'. The 'Current Qty On Hand' is the amount of stock on hand of the selected item in the 'From Warehouse'. You will not be allowed to 'Issue' more than this amount on the transfer.

In the above example, 50 units of BAG003 will be transferred out of the JHB Consumables warehouse and transferred into the JHB Finished Goods' warehouse.

Once completed, you can post the Warehouse Transfer by clicking the 'Post Warehouse Transfer' button. 

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