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Generate Sales Order from Quotation

Navigation → Documents → Processing → Quotations → Select Quotation from List and Double Click to Open

Quotations can be partially processed or processed in full when generating a Sales Order.   

1. Select the Quotation Details tab.

2. Capture the Qty to Process.  This can only be equal to or less than the Qty captured when the quote was created.

3. On top tool bar select the Generate Sales Order from Quotation  icon or click Processing on top menu and select Generate Sales Order from Quotation from the drop down.

4. Save using the save icon or CTRL + S shortcut or CTRL + Enter to save and close shortcut.

The Paradigm system must be enabled to partially process quotes. If the Quotation is processed in full or if partial processing is not enabled, then the document status will be set to Processed under Current Document Status.  If partial processing is enabled, then the status will be set to Partially Processed under Current Document Status.

NOTE: If partial processing enabled, then the user can generate more than one sales order at different times to make up the quoted amount of quantities.

To check or setup partial quotes follow these steps:

Navigation → Administration → Setup → Companies → Drill Down into Company by Double Clicking

  1. Select the Settings tab.
  2. Tick the Allow Partials on Quotations check box. 

NOTE: If you don't have access to Administration contact your Administrator.
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