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Generate Purchase Order from Sales Order

Navigation → Documents → Processing → Sales Orders → Select Sales Order from List and Double Click to Open

  1. Go to the Purchasing tab. Here will see the lines from the Sales Order Details tab.
  2. Capture the quantity you wish to purchase under the Qty column.
  3. Select the Supplier. If the Preferred Supplier is not the supplier you wish to purchase from then select an Alternate Supplier.
  4. Check the Purchase check box for each line you wish to purchase.
  5. Press the Purchase Selected Lines button  to create a Purchase Order for each line that has the Purchase check box ticked.

Alternatively, you can click the Purchase All Lines button. This will create purchase orders for every line under the Purchasing tab.

Purchase Orders generated this way will be linked to this Sales Order. Navigate to the Processed tab and then to the Purchase Orders tab. Here you will see all Purchase Orders linked with this Sales Order

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