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Setup Email Accounts

Once Users have been setup you can now setup Email Accounts for those users allowing them to Email Documents to Customers and Suppliers as well as receive Email Notifications on Tasks and Approvals.

For more information on setting up users see Create A New User 

Create An Email Account

Navigate to 'Email' > 'Maintenance' > 'Email Accounts'

Click the 'New Email Account' button at the top left of the screen.

On the 'Details' pane, select your 'Company', type in your 'Display Name' and 'Email Address'.

The 'Username' and 'Password' will be the username and password you would use to log into your Email.

The 'Reply To Address' is set on outgoing emails. In the case that the receiver responds to the email, the reply will be sent to the 'Reply To Address'.

Check the 'Use Logged In User Reply To' box, to use the 'Reply To Address' that is set to the user sending the email instead of the address set here on the template. This is useful in the case when the same account is being used by multiple users. 

On the 'Outgoing Email Settings' pane type in your companies mailing server address in the 'SMTP Server' field and select the outgoing port number in the 'Port Out' field.

For SMTP servers the 'Port Out' is generally "587".

The connection types, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) are the encryption protocols used by your mailing server.

Contact your companies I.T. Administrator to ensure the details are correct for the 'Outgoing Email Settings'.

Link Email Account To A User

Navigate to 'Email > 'Maintenance' > 'User Email Setup'

On this screen you can set the 'Email Account' to be linked to each user.

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