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Managing The Outbox And Sent Emails

All outgoing Emails can be found in the 'Email Outbox'.

Navigate to 'Email' > 'Processing' > 'Email Outbox'.

All Emails sent to the 'Email Outbox' get automatically queued for sending. If the Email is successfully sent, then it goes to the 'Sent Emails' screen. Emails that fail to send will remain in the 'Email Outbox' with an error message under the 'Email Message' column.

Common Email errors are as such :

  • "Invalid Recipient"    -    The Email address you are attempting to send an Email to either doesn't exist or has been typed in incorrectly. When sending an Email to multiple addresses, they must be separated by a semi-colon " ; "
  • "Incorrect Authentication Data"    -    This means that the Email sender's Email Account's Username and/or Password is incorrect. This can be amended by navigating to 'Email' > 'Maintenance' > 'Email Accounts'.

Once amended, you can re-queue the Email for sending by selecting and clicking the 'Send Selected Email' button. Alternatively you could use the 'Send All Emails' button. This will queue all unsent Emails currently sitting in the 'Outbox'.

All successfully sent Emails then move from the 'Outbox' and into 'Sent Emails'.

Sent Emails can be found by navigating to 'Email' > 'Processing' > 'Sent Email'

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