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Setup Email Templates

'Email Templates' can be linked to Users and Document Layouts. These templates are used by the Paradigm system to generate emails that can be sent using the Paradigm Application.

Create An Email Template

Navigate to 'Email' > 'Maintenance' > 'Email Templates'

To create a new template click the 'New Email Template' button at the top left of the screen.

On the 'Details' pane, select your 'Company' and type in the 'Template Name'.

On the 'Defaults' pane, select the 'Email Account'. This will set the default Email Address to use when sending an email using this template.

'Default Subject' will set the Subject line of the email automatically once the email has been generated.

You can add Email Addresses to the 'CC' and 'BCC' boxes if you wish to add anyone else to the email thread. When adding multiple addresses, separate them using a semicolon ';'

On the 'Email Body' pane, you can type out and edit the email for this template. This will be the email generated when the linked user and/or document is being emailed out of Paradigm with the relevant document attached.

Link Email Template To A User Or Document Layout

To link an Email Template to a User navigate to 'Email' > 'Maintenance' > 'User Email Setup'

Here you can select which 'Email Template' to be used by each user.

The 'Reply To Email Address' per User is set here as well.

To Link an Email Template to a Document Layout navigate to 'Administration' > 'Layout Manager' > 'Custom Layouts'

Here you can set the 'Email Template' to be used per 'Document Layout'.

Here you can also set the 'Email Save To Path'. This is the file path to the Paradigm Installation folder that contains the 'EmailAttachments' folder. All documents attached to Emails will be saved in this folder.

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