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Changes in Paradigm V5

What's New in Paradigm V5

Accordion Style Navigation Menu

Paradigm V4 had the Tree Style menu where each navigational item had to be double-clicked or the little orange arrow was to be clicked in order to expand and collapse the menu. Paradigm V5 now utilizes the appealing and efficient Accordion Style menu. One click anywhere on the menu item to expand and collapse for increased accessibility.

Navigation Search Tool

At the top of the Navigation menu you will find the Navigation Search Tool. Type in a key-word to swiftly navigate your way through the Paradigm environment.

Minimized Navigation

If you have familiarized yourself with the Paradigm icons, you can now utilize the Minimized Navigational Pane. Freeing up plenty of screen space.

To do this click 'View' on the main toolbar > 'Navigation Pane' > 'Minimized'.

If you wish to return to the full Navigation Pane, set it back to 'Visible'.

Global Filter Changes

The Global Filter can be found on the toolbar at the top of the screen and allows users to filter Document Grids by their Document Status. In Paradigm V5 we have removed the 'Show All' filter in order to avoid the loading of large data grids that could potentially slow down your system.

The new Global Filter is set to 'Unprocessed' by default.

Archived Documents

In Paradigm V5, only Unarchived Documents will be visible on your Document Grids and Documents older than 2 months will now be archived automatically. This once again improves the efficiency of Paradigm.

In Paradigm V4 we have an Archived Documents filter. We have since removed this feature in Paradigm V5.

If it is ever required that you need to access Archived Documents, we have added an 'Enquiry' module that applies to all Documents.

Navigate to 'Documents' > 'Enquiry'.

Here you can find all Customer Documents, both Archived and Unarchived, 'By Customer'.

 Likewise for Supplier Documents 'By Supplier'.

Quick Document Lookup Tool

Users can access the 'Quick Document Lookup' tool anywhere within the Paradigm environment and can be found on the toolbar at the top of the screen.

Clicking the 'Quick Document Search' button will open up the 'Document Search' window.

It is compulsory to fill in the criteria in the 'Defaults' pane and at least one criterion on the right hand side pane in order to perform a quick search.

Once the criteria for your search has been specified you can click the 'Find' button.

All documents that match the specified criteria will appear in the grid view below. As you can see, on the bottom left, the above criteria have rendered 10 results.

Once the grid is populated, you will be able to filter on columns as well as use the grid search tool found on the top right of the grid or pressing Ctrl+F on your keyboard.

Once you have found the document you are searching for you can double click on it's line and the Quick Document Search tool will take you back to Paradigm with the selected document open.

Pressing the 'Clear' button will depopulate the grid and empty the criteria on the right hand side pane.

Pressing the 'Cancel' button will close the Quick Document Lookup tool.

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