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On all supplier transactions within Paradigm you can use 'Additional Costing'. This is so users can add further costs on top of the original cost of the items being transacted.

Supplier Transactions include Purchase Orders, Goods Received Notes, Supplier Invoices and Return To Supplier Notes.

Below is a newly created GRN. New supplier transactions all have 'Additional Costs' turned off by default.

This GRN will only hold a Total Incl. Tax with no 'Additional Costs'

To activate 'Additional Costs' press the 'Toggle Additional Costs On/Off' button found at the top of the screen.

Once 'Additional Costs' have been toggled on, navigate to the 'Additional Costs' tab.

On the 'Details' pane you will find 2 options in the drop down menu.

'Manually Allocate Additional Costs per Line'

Capture the additional cost details on the 'Additional Costs' tab. 

This option allows you to add the additional costs onto any line items found on the 'GRN Details' tab.

In the above case, an additional cost of R300.00 was added to the 'Pallets' item.

You must ensure that the total value of the additional costs on the 'GRN Details' tab balances with the total 'Additional Amount Excl.' on the 'Additional Costs' tab.

The 'Post GRN to Financials' button will be disabled if these values do not balance.

'Automatically Allocate Costs by Total'

This option allows you to create 'Line Details' specifically for Additional Costs.

The total 'Additional Amount' of these 'Additional Cost Lines' will then be automatically divided between the 'GRN Details Lines' at the same ratio as the lines original costs.

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