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Installing A Paradigm Mobile App (Android)

The Paradigm Mobile App installs as a progressive web application. This is to say that internet connection is required to run the app and it is not installed via the Google Play Store.

To install the Paradigm App, open Google Chrome on your Android device.

If you have a subscription with Paradigm for the Paradigm App, a unique URL will be given to your company which can be used to access and install the Paradigm App. Type the URL into Google Chrome to access it. A web page that runs the application will open and Google Chrome will automatically prompt you to install.

Click 'Install' / 'Add'

Another window will pop up to ensure that you want to install the Paradigm App, click 'Install' / 'Add Automatically'

After the installation has completed. The Paradigm App's icon will appear on your Android device's home screen. Click it to open.

When you subscribe to the Mobile App, Paradigm will setup an access pin for you. Type that pin in here to sign into your company's Mobile App.

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