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Setup Company, Branch and Warehouse Hierarchy


In order to process in Paradigm you need to setup your company details and have a minimum of one branch linked to each company. Within each branch you can link each of your warehouses. You can create multiple companies in a single Paradigm database and integrate each company with its own financial Sage Evolution or Pastel Partner database.

Note that the Company, Branch and Warehouse settings must be completed for Paradigm's posting service to run successfully.

Setup your companies

To set up your organizational structure, navigate to 'Administration' > 'Setup' > 'Companies'.  After first installing Paradigm, a default company is automatically created called 'Paradigm Demo'. Double click on the Paradigm Demo company to get to the details tab.

Details Tab

  • Add your company name in the 'Name' field and enter a code for your company in the 'Code' field. Remember that the Paradigm Demo company must be overwritten with your company name and code. Do not create a new company with these details.
  • Fill in the necessary company details as required.
  • Add an additional company if necessary by clicking on  'Add New' icon in top left of screen. 

Financial Integration Tab

This is where you can link the company to the necessary financial database in either Sage Evolution or Pastel Partner.

For more information, see Connect Sage Evolution Database or Connect Pastel Partner Database.

Paradigm allows for a multi-company environment. This allows you to maintain Masterfile data and process documents in a single Paradigm database that is integrated with multiple financial databases.

Masterfile Maintenance

All Masterfile records get linked to one of your companies. For example, when your inventory items are pulled through from your financial system's databases, they are linked to their respective companies.

Document Processing

When creating a new document, you must select a 'Branch'. When you initiate for the document to be processed into the financial system, Paradigm looks up the financial system integration settings specified on the company that the selected branch is linked to. The financial document is then processed into the selected financial system's database.

For additional company settings, see Company Settings.

Set Up Your Branches

Navigate to the 'Branches' tab on the Company screen to view your list of branches. After first installing Paradigm, a new branch is automatically created and called 'Branch 1 Paradigm Demo'. Double-click on this record to open up the detail view of this company. This branch is also flagged as the default branch. It will auto fill on all new documents and certain records in Paradigm.

  • To add additional Branches, navigate to 'Administration' > 'Setup' > 'Branches' and click on the  'Add New' button on the top left of the screen.

  • Fill in the necessary details, 'Company', 'Code' and 'Branch Name' are required fields.
  • The first Branch will be set as the 'Default' Branch for the selected Company.

  • Save detail (CTRL + S) and close.

For additional Branch settings see Branch Settings.

Setup Your Warehouses

Once you're connected to your financial system, all of your warehouses that have been setup in Sage will be created in Paradigm. All warehouses brought down from Sage will automatically be linked to your default branch in Paradigm.  To link warehouses to different branches, do the follow these steps: 

  • Navigate to 'Administration' > 'Setup' > 'Warehouses'
  • Double click onto warehouse and change the branch accordingly

For additional Warehouse settings see Warehouse Settings.

Setup of Company, Branches and Warehouses now complete. ✔️

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