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On any task in Paradigm, you can request that the task line be Approved by a particular person before it can be marked as completed.

Request an approval for a particular task:

1. After selecting the task line that requires approval, in the right-hand pane where the task detail box appears, select the Responsible Tab.

2. Select the person who must approve the task by completing the 'Approval Assigned To' field.

3. Provide an optional reason for requesting the approval by completing the 'Approval Reason' field.

4. Can set the 'Approval Result' field to 'Pending'.

Complete a requested approval:

1. Navigate to Tasks - Processing - My Approvals. The Approvals task grid shows all task that you have been assigned to approve. 

2. To approve the task, set the Approval Result field to either 'Approved' or 'Declined'.

3. This will automatically set the Approval Completed checkbox to true.

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