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Navigate to the 'Production Issues' tab.

On the 'Production Ticket Status' button you can now change it to 'In Production'.

This will populate the Production Issues tab with all the Inventory Items required to produce the Finished Goods.

'Qty Required' represents the quantities from the 'WIP In Requirement' tab.

The 'Qty Issued' column represents the actual quantity of the item produced/consumed by production.

'Qty Variance' is the difference between 'Qty Required' and 'Qty Issued'.

In the below example the 'Qty Issued' is automatically filled in. You can set the Auto-Issue parameter on the Bill Of Material used.

The transaction types tell you whether the 'Qty Issued' will be added or taken from your systems Stock On Hand.

'All Finished Goods Produced' will add to Stock On Hand.

'Consumable Issues' and 'Raw Material Issues' will take from Stock On Hand.

In the case that the actual quantities do not match the Bill Of Material's 'Qty Required' the 'Qty Issued' can be edited by selecting the line item you wish to issue and then changing 'Qty Issued on the page to the right.

If you are not utilizing a BOM or would like to add more Items to issue, you can use the 'Production Ticket Issues' button.

The 'Production Ticket Issues' window will pop up.

Select the 'Transaction Type' and 'Warehouse' first. This is to narrow down your selection in the 'Inventory' drop-down. In the above example, the 'Inventory' drop-down will display all Items marked as Raw Materials that are currently on the Production Issues page.

Check the box 'Show All Inventory' to show all Items from the specified 'Transaction Type' and 'Warehouse'.

Once you have selected the Inventory Item you wish to issue, fill in the Quantity to be Issued ('QTY') and click on 'Capture Issue' or 'Capture Issue/Close'. The latter will also close the 'Production Ticket Issues' window.

Once all the issued quantities have been verified and updated, you can change the Status of the Ticket from 'In Production' to 'Reconciling'.

Proceed to Reconciling.

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