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'Production Batch Issues' is a module designed to issue Raw Materials, Consumables and Finished Goods to detail lines on multiple Production Tickets at the same time.

Navigate to 'Production' > 'Processing' > 'Production Batch Issues'

To add a new batch issue click the 'New Production Batch Issue' button.

On the 'General' pane, select a 'Branch' and type in a 'Reference'.

Click the 'Production Batch Issue' button.

This opens the 'Production Issue' window. On the 'Production Issue' pane, select a 'Production Ticket No.' Only Production tickets that are 'In Production' will appear in the drop down menu.

Select a 'Transaction Type'.

Select a 'Warehouse'. This will be the warehouse that the stock will come out of.

Select the 'Inventory' Item you wish to issue on the Production Ticket. In this case, only Raw Material items on the designated Production Ticket will appear here unless you check the 'Show All Inventory' box.

Type in the 'QTY' you wish to issue to the Production Ticket. Keep in mind that all quantities issued from 'Production Batch Issues' will add to any quantity that has already been issued on the ticket.

Click 'Capture Issue' to add it to the 'Batch Issue Details'.

Once all the Production Issues have been added click the 'Process Batch' button.

Paradigm will prompt you if you are sure you would like to process all batches. Click 'Yes' to process the Production Issues.

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